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Table 4 Correlations and standardized regression coefficients (Beta) for 11 predictors of a composite interference score based on the standardized RT interference scores for the Simon, spatial Stroop, and vertical Stroop tasks

From: Interference scores have inadequate concurrent and convergent validity: Should we stop using the flanker, Simon, and spatial Stroop tasks?

1. Raven’s scores−.377a−.345−.338−5.11.000
2. Sex assigned at birth−.272a−.222−.209−3.16.002
3. Team sports ability−.192a−.117−.111−1.63.105
4. Frequency of physical exercise+.102+.112+.103+ 1.56.121
5. Frequency of meditation or mindfulness+.049+.075+.069+ 1.05.296
6. Immigrant status+.116+.069+.063+ 0.96.337
7. Frequency of playing video games−.207a−.048−.050−.671.503
8. Age+.048+.021+.019+ 0.29.769
9. L2/L1 Ratio+.092+.017+.015+ 0.23.816
10. Years musical training−.041+.009+.008+ 0.13.900
11. SES−.087+.007+.007+ 0.10.922
  1. aCorrelation is significant at the .05 level (two-tailed)