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Fig. 2

From: Interference scores have inadequate concurrent and convergent validity: Should we stop using the flanker, Simon, and spatial Stroop tasks?

Fig. 2

Each circle represents a hypothetical inhibition factor. Overlapping circles indicate factors that are correlated. An example task (In directed forgetting, participants first memorized two memory sets and were then instructed to ignore one set while reporting on the basis of the other set. In the stop signal, participants performed an ongoing task (e.g., a word categorization) unless the stop signal (i.e., a tone or change in color frame) occurred. In this case, they had to withhold their responses. The time between the presentation of the stimulus and the stop signal is adapted such that participants can only stop their reaction successfully on 50% of the trials.) that provides a measure of each form of inhibition is shown within the black rectangles

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