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Table 1 Presentation sequences (S1–4) used in experiment 1

From: You don’t have to tell a story! A registered report testing the effectiveness of narrative versus non-narrative misinformation corrections

  Pos 1 Pos 2 Pos 3 Pos 4
S1 A_noMI B_NN C_noC D_N
S2 B_N A_noC D_NN C_noMI
S3 C_NN D_noMI A_N B_noC
S4 D_noC C_N B_noMI A_NN
  1. Sequences counterbalanced the assignment of event reports (A–D) to conditions (no-misinformation, noMI; non-narrative correction, NN; narrative correction, N; no correction, noC) as well as event and condition order across sequence positions (Pos 1–4). Assignment of presentation sequence to participants was randomized, with the constraint that a quarter of participants received each sequence