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Fig. 2

From: What do we know about volumetric medical image interpretation?: a review of the basic science and medical image perception literatures

Fig. 2

Although many findings from laboratory visual search tasks have been replicated in the medical image perception literature (e.g., Evans, Georgian-Smith, et al., 2013; Drew et al., 2013), there is no clear analog to volumetric images in the basic science literature. However, insight for future research directions on volumetric image search might be gained from findings on 2D visual search, as well as growing research in the realms of driving, real-world visual search, closed-circuit television (CCTV), and virtual reality. Ultrasound image reprinted from Hansen et al. (2016). Ultrasonography of the kidney: a pictorial review. Diagnostics, 6(1), 2., and used here under the Creative Commons License. Pathology image obtained from National Cancer Institute Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium Sarcomas (CPTAC-SAR) collection 2018 and used here under the Creative Commons License

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