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Table 2 List of strategies reported by participants

From: Visual chunking as a strategy for spatial thinking in STEM

StrategyNo. reportingExample
Contrasting colors9I thought it was easiest to identify differences if the color change was from a bright color, like yellow or green, to a darker color, like red or purple.
List of color names9At first, I tried to just memorize a list of three to four elements (colors), and if they changed, I would identify them as different molecules.
Piecemeal7Furthermore, I tried looking at certain sections of the molecule and memorized that color.
Focus on Shape7I also tried to memorize the formation of the structure by its orientation.
Unknown6I used the color change in the molecules.
Color tone/pattern6Saying the letters made it slightly confusing to really focus on the molecule and arrangement; therefore, instead of looking at bonds, I spent most of my time just looking at colors and the overall tone of the molecule
Redundancy3On the molecule, I looked for recurring colors because those stand out to me more than shapes and spatial arrangement.
Mental imagery2I would try closing my eyes between seeing two molecules so that the image would remind floating in my mind.
Count no. of colors1I tried counting the number of colors, not necessarily thinking about the colors themselves but while just thinking about how many occurrences there were of each color.