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Table 6 Top performers mean performance for each of the five administered tests

From: Normative data for two challenging tests of face matching under ecological conditions

 Top 5% performersMean ± standard deviation of the normative data (n = 181)Median of the normative data (n = 181)
CFMT+88.975.87564.164.865.9 ± 11.965
YBT13.917.813. ± 3.98
FICST4. ± 5.18
EFCT4. ± 3.55.1
PICT5. ± 5.15.8
  1. Reference mean scores computed for the top performers of a given test are shown in bold
  2. CFMT+ long form of the Cambridge Face Memory Test, EFCT Expertise in Facial Comparison Test, FICST Facial Identity Card Sorting Test, PICT Person Identification Challenge Test, YBT Yearbook Test