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Table 4 Identification rates for the component motion by condition for Experiments 4 and 5

From: The spatial allocation of attention in an interactive environment

Experiment Motion type Identified motion Identified vertical motion Identified horizontal motion
Experiment 4 Starts far, ends close 35.6% 39.0% 73.7%
Experiment 4 Starts close, ends far 71.4% 73.3% 73.3%
Experiment 5 Starts far, ends close 38.7% 41.5% 63.2%
Experiment 5 Starts close, ends far 67.4% 70.5% 70.5%
  1. To be counted as noticing the motion overall, subjects had to get the motion direction correct. For the vertical component, they simply had to supply any direction that contained the correct vertical direction (e.g., ‘up-left,’ ‘up,’ or ‘up-right’ would be accepted), and for the horizontal component, any direction that contained the correct horizontal direction