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Table 3 Overview of the analyses for each comparison

From: Disgust and the rubber hand illusion: a registered replication report of Jalal, Krishnakumar, and Ramachandran (2015)

What is compared Variables Type of analysis
Comparison of disgustingness ratings based on the order of presentation IV: order of presentation
DV: disgustingness rating
Paired t-test/Wilcoxon signed rank test
The difference of disgustingness ratings with a disgust stimulus and with a clean tissue during the synchronous vs asynchronous condition IV: stimulus type/synchronism
DV: disgustingness rating
A two-way ANOVA/Wilcoxon signed rank test
Comparison of coldness ratings during the synchronous and asynchronous conditions IV: synchronism
DV: coldness rating
Paired t-test/Wilcoxon signed rank test
Comparison of the mean intensity of the RHI between the disgustingness and coldness conditions IV: condition
DV: mean intensity
Independent samples t-test/Mann–Whitney U-test
  1. IV independent variable, DV dependent variable