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Fig. 4

From: Language play facilitates language learning: Optimizing the input for gender-like category induction

Fig. 4

Pitch contours of the auditory stimuli used in training modes Prose (red) and Rhyme (blue). V1 and V2 are the two vowels in the object noun (Lelop, Molun, Gitun, V1: [e:, o:, i:], V2: [ɔ, u, u:]), and V3 and V4 are the vowels in the marker (ano, gla, ino, ono, sla; when the marker included only one long vowel ([a:] in gla, sla) instead of two shorter vowels ([a, i, o] in ino, ano, ono), the long vowel was mapped onto V3 and V4). [i], [a] and [ɪ] are the three vowels included in Tika and the verbs (pif or pim)

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