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Fig. 5

From: Learning to interpret topographic maps: Understanding layered spatial information

Fig. 5

Graph showing proportion correct on Topographic Map Assessment for each group in Experiment 1. Bar graph showing proportion correct on the Topographic Map Assessment for the Pointing and Tracing group, 3D Gestures and Models group, Text-based Instruction group, and No Instruction group from Experiment 1. Cohen’s d’s for all pairwise comparisons are as follows: Pointing and Tracing versus 3D Gestures and Models (d = 0.44), Pointing and Tracing versus Text-based Instruction (d = 0.51), Pointing and Tracing versus No Instruction (d = 0.93), 3D Gestures and Models versus Text-based Instruction (d = 0.10), 3D Gestures and Models versus No Instruction (d = 0.56), Text-based Instruction versus No Instruction (d = 0.44). *p < .05

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