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Table 2 Pearson’s correlation coefficients between the four attention task performance measures

From: Impact of active and latent concerns about COVID-19 on attention

Attention task Visual search Visual working memory Scene CPT Task switching
Visual search    
Visual working memory  − 0.06   
Scene CPT 0.05 0.09  
Task switching (mixed-block accuracy)  − 0.09 0.28* 0.10
  1. Bold indicates uncorrected p < .01
  2. Although we had two indices of task-switching performance—mixed-block accuracy and a task-switching cost in RT—these two indices did not correlate with each other at the adjusted alpha level, r = 0.11, p = 0.042. For this reason, further analysis relied primarily on mixed-block accuracy, the performance index used in Mani et al. (2013)
  3. *indicates values significant at the corrected alpha level of p < 0.0083