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Table 1 Survey items used in Experiment 1 to assess current concerns. Ratings were obtained on a 7-point scale

From: Do concerns about COVID-19 impair sustained attention?

Item category Item content
Health-related concerns I am worried that I or people I love will get sick from the coronavirus
I am worried that the coronavirus will delay the treatment of other illnesses that I or people I love may have
Finance-related concerns I have lost job-related income due to the coronavirus
I am concerned about my job security due to the coronavirus
Anxiety around crowds I am stressed around people outside of my household because I worry I’ll catch the coronavirus
I have tried hard to avoid people outside of my household because I don’t want to get sick
General concerns: reversely worded to index response consistencya I am worried about the coronavirus
I am not concerned about the coronavirus
Attention check Please choose “2”
  1. aThese items were included to check for response consistency. Responses were considered consistent if the sum of the responses to these two items was between 6 and 10