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Table 4 Percentage of subjects selecting each answer for the control questions in Experiment 4

From: How causal information affects decisions

Common effectA. RedB. GreenC. Red+greenD. Blue
Causal text4.15.489.21.4
Causal diagram1.72.492.03.8
Common effect and common causeA. BlueB. GreenC. Red+greenD. Red+blue
Causal text2.16.369.422.2
Causal diagram3.
Causal chainA. VopB. KerC. Ant 
Causal text16.678.64.8 
Causal diagram23.470.26.4 
  1. Correct answers are bolded, and answer order was randomized during study. For the causal chain question, answer A is the first node in the chain and a parent of the correct answer