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Table 3 Participant self assessment of confidence in Experiment 3

From: How causal information affects decisions

 Weight management confidenceDiabetes management confidence (no experience)
 VerySomewhatNot at allVerySomewhatNot at all
No info82.6 (91.5)17.4 (78.1)41.7 (86.8)54.8 (52.8)2.5 (50.0)
Causal text73.6* (83.8*)26.0* (76.0)0.4 (0.0)
Causal diagram69.5** (81.8**)30.0** (66.7)0.5 (1.0) 68.8*** (93.5)31.2*** (71.4*)
  1. Percentage of correct responses for participants reporting each level of confidence is shown in parentheses. Statistical significance for comparisons against the no information condition, using p values after Benjamini-Hochberg correction, are indicated by * for p<0.1, ** for p<0.05, and *** for p<0.005. Some edge cases are indicated: N=1, – indicates no data in that cell