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Table 10 Facts and their Corresponding Affirmation

From: You don’t have to tell a story! A registered report testing the effectiveness of narrative versus non-narrative misinformation corrections

Item number Items Affirmation
Fact-1 Laughing regularly helps improve vascular function It is well known that laughter reduces stress hormones and releases endorphins, yet strangely enough, it also has a positive impact on vascular function. A 2009 study found that people with heart disease were 40% less likely to laugh in a variety of situations compared to people without heart disease. A study in 2010 demonstrated the short-term benefits of laughter by showing participants either a 20-min clip of a comedy or a documentary. Laughter led to tissue dilation in the inner lining of blood vessels, which increased blood flow
(WC = 90; FRE = 39.2; FKGL = 13.3)
Fact-2 US citizens are the most generous people in the world US citizens are consistently rated the most generous people in the world. Be it volunteering their time, donating money to charity, or helping out a stranger in need, the World Giving Index reports that 58% of Americans regularly partake in an act of generosity. That is more people per capita than any other country. In 2018 alone, US citizens donated a staggering $292 billion dollars to charity. More than half of individuals reported that financial constraints were stopping them from donating even more!
(WC = 83; FRE = 35.0; FKGL = 12.4)
  1. WC, Word Count; FRE, Flesch Reading Ease; FKGL, Flesch–Kincaid Grade Level