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Table 6 Likelihood ratio tests comparing fits of unconstrained models to a series of constrained models where equality for each parameter is imposed across the simultaneous and sequential conditions

From: Do sequential lineups impair underlying discriminability?

  χ2(1) p
dt .15 .70
st .87 .35
c5 .01 .91
c4 .28 .60
c3 .28 .60
c2 .48 .48
c1 10.54 < .01
  1. Significant p values indicate that model fit significantly worsened when a parameter was constrained to be equal across the simultaneous and sequential conditions. For each unconstrained model, we fit SDT-SEQ to the sequential data and SDT-MAX to the simultaneous data. The unconstrained models had 16 degrees of freedom, fixing one parameter increases the degrees of freedom to 17, χ2(17) - χ2(16) = χ2(1), thus the χ2 tests above have one degree of freedom