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Table 2 Percentage of teachers by grade(s) taught in the previous year, subject(s) taught daily in previous year, and mean years teaching each subject

From: Elementary teachers’ attitudes and beliefs about spatial thinking and mathematics

Grade(s) taughtDaily teaching of subject(s)Mean years teaching subject(s)
Kindergarten18.1%Language arts72.3%Language arts12.69
1st grade32.9%Social studies29.5%Social studies11.88
2nd grade30.6%Mathematics74.0%Mathematics12.39
3rd grade32.4%Science28.9%Science11.57
4th grade38.7%Foreign languages3.5%Foreign languages1.28
5th grade32.9%Art5.2%Art3.31
6th grade17.9%Music4.6%Music2.99
Administration6.9%Physical education5.8%Physical education2.41
  1. Note: Percentages sum to > 100% because teachers taught multiple grades and subjects