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Table 2 The data analyzed by condition

From: Estimating the proportion of guilty suspects and posterior probability of guilt in lineups using signal-detection models

Brewer and Wells (2006)Low fairness, neutral instructionsBW,2006,LN300
High fairness, neutral instructionsBW,2006,HN300
Low fairness, liberal instructionsBW,2006,LL300
High fairness, liberal instructionsBW,2006,HN300
Carlson et al. (2016)Shown weapon, short exposureC+,2016,SS337
No weapon, long exposureC+,2016,NL368
Shown weapon, long exposureaC+,2106,SL710
Carlson et al. (2017)No weaponC+,2017,N409
Concealed weaponC+,2017,C418
Shown weaponC+,2017,S407
Gronlund et al. (2009)bFair lineup, innocent weakG+,2009,FIW317
Intermediate bias, innocent weakG+,2009,IIW308
Biased lineup, innocent weakG+,2009,BIW325
Fair lineup, innocent strongG+,2009,FIS312
Intermediate bias, innocent strongG+,2009,IIS320
Biased lineup, innocent strongG+,2009,BIS336
Fair lineup, guilty weakG+,2009,FGW320
Intermediate bias, guilty weakG+,2009,IGW316
Biased lineup, guilty weakG+,2009,BGW323
Fair lineup, guilty strongG+,2009,FGS314
Intermediate bias, guilty strongG+,2009,IGS310
Biased lineup, guilty strongG+,2009,BGS336
Kneller and Harvey (2016)No alcoholKH,2016,N40
Palmer et al. (2013)Short exposure, short retentionP+,2013,SS253
Short exposure, long retentionP+,2013,SL218
Long exposure, short retentionP+,2013,LS219
Long exposure, long retentionP+,2013,LL218
Wetmore et al. (2015)cFair, innocent weak, short retentionW+,2015,FIWS178
Fair, innocent strong, short retentionW+,2015,FISS101
Biased, innocent weak, short retentionW+,2015,BIWS184
Biased, innocent strong, short retentionW+,2015,BISS107
Otherd, innocent weak, short retentionW+,2015,OIWS111
Other, innocent strong, short retentionW+,2015,OISS107
Fair, innocent weak, long retentionW+,2015,FIWL176
Fair, innocent strong, long retentionW+,2015,FISL115
Biased, innocent weak, long retentionW+,2015,BIWL153
Biased, innocent strong, long retentionW+,2015,BISL110
Other, innocent weak, long retentionW+,2015,OIWL108
Other, innocent strong, long retentionW+,2015,OISL113
  1. Note: Only a subset of these conditions are discussed in the text. The full set of results is provided on OSF
  2. aIncludes both the 3-s and 10-s weapon view. The culprit’s face was seen for 10 s in both conditions
  3. bTo perform the analysis, both guilty-suspect and innocent-suspect trials are needed. Both strength levels of the innocent or guilty suspects that were not fixed were included. All levels of video quality and suspect position were used
  4. cTo perform the analysis, both guilty-suspect and innocent-suspect trials are needed. The innocent weak/strong suspects were paired with the guilty strong suspects
  5. dDetails are not provided in Wetmore et al. (2015) or in the data regarding these instructions, but they were designed to be similar to police instructions, so were included