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Table 1 The experimental data used in the analyses

From: Estimating the proportion of guilty suspects and posterior probability of guilt in lineups using signal-detection models

ReferenceData subsetLabelNLineup sizeConfidence levels# confidence levelsFactors
Brewer and Wells (2006)Single exp.BW,2006120080 to 100 by 1011Instruction fairness (biased, unbiased), foil similarity (low, high)
Carlson et al. (2016)Single exp.C+,2016141560 to 1 by .111Exposure duration (3 s, 10 s), weapon (present, absent)
Carlson, Dias, Weatherford, and Carlson (2017)Single exp.C+,2017123460 to 100 by 1011Weapon (present, absent, concealed)
Gronlund, Carlson, Dailey, and Goodsell (2009)Single exp. (simultaneous only)G+,2009127961 to 7 by 17Video quality (good, poor), guilty strength (strong, weak), innocent strength (weak, strong), lineup fairness (unbiased, intermediate, biased), suspect position (2, 5)
Kneller and Harvey (2016)Single exp.KH,201612061 to 7 by 17Alcohol (control, placebo, mild intoxication)
Mickes (2015)Exp. 1M,2015,E130260 to 100 by 1011
Mickes (2015)Exp. 2 (simultaneous only)M,2015,E223860 to 100 by 1011
Mickes et al. (2017)Single exp. (confidence ratings only)M+,2017,E197860–30 and 40 to 100 by 108
Palmer et al. (2013)Exp. 1P+,201390880–20 and 30,100 by 205Exposure duration (90 s, 5 s), retention interval (imm., 6–103 days)
Rotello, Guggenmos, and Isbell (2015)Exp. 1 (simultaneous only)R,E143760 to 100 by 1011Suspect position (2, 5)
Rotello et al. (2015)Exp. 2 (simultaneous only)R,E252160 to 100 by 1011Suspect position (2, 5)
Rotello et al. (2015)Exp. 3 (simultaneous only)R,E337660 to 100 by 1011Suspect position (2, 5)
Wetmore et al. (2015)Single exp. (simultaneous only)W+,2015112961 to 7 by 17Retention interval (imm., 48 h), lineup fairness (biased, unbiased, other), innocence strength (weak, strong)
  1. Notes: exp. experiment, imm. immediate