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Table 3 Mean values and standard deviations (SDs) for each measure by map study condition

From: Where are we going and where have we been? Examining the effects of maps on spatial learning in an indoor guided navigation task

Pointing task errorNo map38.437.4
Simple map study33.434.4
Simple map carry31.027.5
Complex map carry36.031.9
SketchUp carry33.932.6
Shortcut task distance errorNo map4.452.99
Simple map study5.494.35
Simple map carry4.714.85
Complex map carry5.143.76
SketchUp carry5.424.67
Landmark recognition task target Landmark dNo map2.490.52
Simple map study2.310.64
Simple map carry2.420.57
Complex map carry2.530.46
SketchUp carry2.510.40
Landmark recognition task incidental Landmark dNo map1.060.75
Simple map study0.910.64
Simple map carry0.850.69
Complex map carry0.910.45
SketchUp carry0.970.60
Map completion task route scoreNo map0.420.43
Simple map study0.460.44
Simple map carry0.600.39
Complex map carry0.480.43
SketchUp carry0.480.48
Map completion task landmark scoreNo map0.730.22
Simple map study0.750.24
Simple map carry0.750.23
Complex map carry0.720.20
SketchUp carry0.670.25