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Table 6 Mixed factor analysis of variance (session × training): impact of angular disparity on activation for each region of interest

From: Strengthening spatial reasoning: elucidating the attentional and neural mechanisms associated with mental rotation skill development

Region of interestEffectFP valueη2pBF10
Left VSNSession12.74.001.27> 1000
Training0.33.57.01< 1
Interaction1.58.22.04< 1
Right VSNSession10.76.002.24> 1000
Training0.40.53.01< 1
Interaction0.47.50.01< 1
Left LOCSession6.13.02.15109.4
Training0.39.54.01< 1
Right LOCSession0.04.84.001< 1
Training0.43.52.01< 1
Interaction0.004.95< .001< 1
Left motor cortexSession4.31.045.11< 1
Training0.05.82.002< 1
Interaction0.53.47.02< 1
Right motor cortexSession6.68.01.1619.8
Training0.07.79.002< 1
Interaction1.77.19.05< 1
  1. Abbreviations: BF Bayes factor, LOC lateral occipital cortex, VSN visuospatial network