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Table 5 Correlation coefficients computed for the CFMT+, YBT, FICST, EFCT and PICT scores

From: Normative data for two challenging tests of face matching under ecological conditions

CFMT+ .46*−.19−.10−.24*
YBT  −.37*−.26*−.24*
FICST   .06.12
PICT    .78*
  1. Asterisks indicate significant correlations (Bonferroni-corrected; p < .005); note that for the FICST, PICT and EFCT lower values indicate better performance (see “Methods” section)
  2. CFMT+ long form of the Cambridge Face Memory Test, EFCT Expertise in Facial Comparison Test, FICST Facial Identity Card Sorting Test, PICT Person Identification Challenge Test, YBT Yearbook Test