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Table 4 Normative data for participants who completed the YBT, FICST, CFMT+, EFCT and PICT

From: Normative data for two challenging tests of face matching under ecological conditions

 All participants (N = 181)
 Mean (SD)8.8 (3.9)
 Number of piles
  Mean (SD)7.4 (4.6)
 Total number of errors
  Mean (SD)2.5 (3.4)
FICST score 
 Mean (SD)8.0 (5.1)
Phase 2
 Total number of errors
  Mean (SD)3.4 (4.4)
CFMT+ raw score
 Mean (SD)65.9 (11.9)
 Mean accuracy in % (SD)77.9 (8.2)
 Median accuracy78.6
 Mean RT in s (SD)4.7 (2.7)
 Median RT in s4.0
EFCT inverse efficiency score
 Mean (SD)6.0 (3.5)
 Mean accuracy in % (SD)72.8 (11.0)
 Median accuracy72.5
 Mean RT in s (SD)4.9 (3)
 Median RT in s4.1
PICT inverse efficiency score
 Mean (SD)6.9 (5.1)
  1. CFMT+ long form of the Cambridge Face Memory Test, EFCT Expertise in Facial Comparison Test, FICST Facial Identity Card Sorting Test, PICT Person Identification Challenge Test, RT reaction time, SD standard deviation, YBT Yearbook Test