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Table 1 Lower and upper receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve overlap boundaries used for each partial area under the curve (pAUC) analysis, including D value for each comparison

From: You shall not pass: how facial variability and feedback affect the detection of low-prevalence fake IDs

Mismatch prevalence comparisonsPartial ROC boundariesD
Experiment 1
 Low prevalence vs. medium prevalence.44.945.86a
 Low prevalence vs. high prevalence.44.932.72a
 Medium prevalence vs. high prevalence.44.933.33a
Experiment 2
 Low prevalence vs. medium prevalence.29.924.21a
 Low prevalence vs. high prevalence.41.922.38a
 Medium prevalence vs. high prevalence.41.961.20
Experiment 3
 Low prevalence vs. medium prevalence.31.902.67a
 Low prevalence vs. high prevalence.39.902.73a
 Medium prevalence vs. high prevalence.39.96.77
  1. Note: aIndicates a significant difference at p < .017, corrected for multiple comparisons