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Table 3 Cue-target pairs used in Experiment 4

From: How to activate students’ natural desire to test themselves

bald smooth
bill dollar
bird parrot
boil bubble
book school
butt bottom
cage prison
calm serene
case lawyer
crew people
cure remedy
dare double
deer forest
diet skinny
disc record
dope stupid
drag boring
dust sneeze
face pretty
fact figure
file folder
five number
flow stream
grow shrink
heal better
herd animal
hill valley
holy priest
kick soccer
kind gentle
line circle
lint pocket
meet gather
mint flavor
move travel
peak climax
pest rodent
pine needle
plan action
puff powder
roam around
rose beauty
snap button
soft cuddle
span length
spin rotate
stem branch
tape scotch
tell secret
tiny little
tool wrench
tour france
type letter
view window
vote ballot
walk stroll
wall street
whip punish
wine dinner
yell holler