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Table 2 Cue-target pairs used in Experiments 1, 2, and 3

From: How to activate students’ natural desire to test themselves

Cue CDcount1 CDcount2 CDcount3 CDcount4 Target
area handed hatred hanged hacked harmed
army hooker holler hotter hoover holder
back harder hammer harper hamper hanger
bath talked tasted tapped tagged tailed
beer shakes shares shines shades shapes
bird better beaver bender beeper bearer
cell member merger meaner mercer meager
city sheets shorts shirts shoots shifts
data denied deemed defied dented decked
debt sticks stinks stocks steaks stacks
desk grades graves grapes graces groves
dirt dinner diaper differ digger dipper
disk career cancer carter caller camper
exam called caused canned carved cashed
fact blades blames blazes blokes blares
film killer kisser kinder kicker kidder
fish states stores stones stakes stages
food butter burger buster bummer butler
form branch breach brunch brooch breech
game powder potter poster porter poorer
gate corner cooler cooper copper colder
gene booked bombed boiled bolted bonded
girl intact insect inject infect indict
goal stayed stoned stated stored stared
hair lawyer larger ladder latter lather
hall proves prices prizes prunes probes
heat ruined rushed rubbed rugged rusted
idea server seller sexier sender seeker
king chores chimes chases chutes chokes
lady doomed dotted docked dodged downed
lake heater helper healer heller heifer
life seemed served sealed seated sensed
loss proved prayed primed prized priced
love banker barber banner batter banter
mall backed banged bailed banned bagged
math raised rained ragged raided ratted
meal pulled pushed pumped puffed purged
meat bother border bomber boiler booger
menu horses houses hooves homies hordes
mode damned danced darned dawned dashed
mood solved soaked sorted soiled socked
news passed packed parked parted padded
oven dealer deeper dexter deader decker
part wanted walked waited wasted warned
poem forced fooled formed forged folded
poet looked locked loaded loaned lodged
road common cotton coupon cocoon cordon
role matter master manner marker madder
song robbed rolled rocked rooted routed
soup danger dancer darker dagger damper
tale winner winter wiener wilder wither
time jammed jacked jailed jazzed jagged
town scares scores scenes scales scones
unit sister silver singer sinner simmer
user buried burned busted bumped bugged
week summer suffer supper sucker surfer
wife cooked copied cooped conned cooled
wood marked mashed mailed masked mapped
work taller talker tanker tanner tamper
year wicked wished winged winked willed
  1. Note: The cue word is listed in the left-most column. The remaining columns list the five most common words (based on the numerical CDcount value within Subtlexus) for that letter combination (e.g., ha__ed). The final column is the fifth most popular word and represents the target used in the experiment