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Table 4 Biases documented in the reviewed studies

From: Decision making with visualizations: a cognitive framework across disciplines

Bias Studies
Anchoring Belia et al. (2005)
Anecdotal evidence Fagerlin et al. (2005)
Containment McKenzie et al. (2016); Joslyn and LeClerc (2013); Grounds et al. (2017); Newman and Scholl (2012); Ruginski et al. (2016)
Deterministic construal Grounds et al. (2017); Joslyn and LeClerc (2013)
High-quality image Keehner et al. (2011); McCabe and Castel (2008); St. John et al. (2001); Ancker et al. (2006); Brügger et al. (2017); Hegarty et al. (2012); Wainer et al. (1999); Wilkening and Fabrikant (2011)
Risk aversion Schirillo and Stone (2005)
Side effect aversion Waters et al. (2006); Waters et al. (2007)