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Table 5 Participants’ disgust stimuli

From: Disgust and the rubber hand illusion: a registered replication report of Jalal, Krishnakumar, and Ramachandran (2015)

N = 52

N (%)

M (SD)


28 (54%)

15.68 (3.40)


20 (38%)

15.75 (3.14)


4 (8%)

19.50 (1.00)


52 (100)

16.00 (3.30)

  1. The number (and proportions) of each stimulus selected as the most disgusting stimulus and the mean scores (and standard deviations) of disgustingness. When a participant rated the stimuli (e.g. “vomit” and “feces”) equally, an experimenter subsequently asked the participant to judge which stimulus was more disgusting; the stimulus judged to be more disgusting was used as the participant’s stimulus for the experiment