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Table 1 Selected web page categories and their descriptions. This is identical to the list that was given to subjects, and was designed to be intuitive. Each subject could consult this list at any time during the experiment

From: Web pages: What can you see in a single fixation?

Category # of screenshots Description
1. Art place 30 if you want to see art, e.g., exhibition, museum, galleries
2. Blog 32 has articles with titles and dates, it usually has opinion of a person with a form that you could write your comments in
3. Company 33 if you want to learn about the services that it provides, e.g,. consultation
4. Computer game 33 if you want to play a computer game either online or offline, or read the latest news about a computer game, buy or download a computer game
5. Helpline 32 if you have an emergency, e.g., need advice for your kid
6. News 34 if you want to read daily news
7. Online tutorials 28 e.g., learning a course, finding a tutorial for learning html coding
8. Shopping 34 if you want to buy an online product item, new or used
9. Society 37 unions, groups of people with same interests, e.g., if you are looking for a cultural club, or book reading club
10. Tourism 41 if you are looking for things to do in a destination, booking for a tour