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Table 1 Experiment 1 and 2 fixation duration and saccade length descriptive statistics

From: What is the role of the film viewer? The effects of narrative comprehension and viewing task on gaze control in film

Experiment Condition Mean SD
Fixation durations   Milliseconds
 Experiment 1 Context (inference) 391 68
No-context 386 63
 Experiment 2a Context (inference) 367 57
Context (no-inference) 378 70
No-context 398 82
 Experiment 2b Map task 361 47
Saccade lengths   Degrees
 Experiment 1 Context (inference) 4.89 .58
No-context 4.63 .66
 Experiment 2a Context (inference) 4.89 .61
Context (no-inference) 4.65 .74
No-context 4.69 .82
 Experiment 2b Map task 5.39 .68
  1. The descriptive statistics are only presented for the main analyses run. The analyses run with different cleaning methods did change the mean values for fixation durations and saccade lengths, but since the interpretations did not change based on the inferential statistics those means are not presented