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Fig. 5

From: Hands-on experience can lead to systematic mistakes: A study on adults’ understanding of sinking objects

Fig. 5

Average proportion of correct answers in Experiment 1, separated by condition and trial type (see Fig. 1 for an example of each trial type). Trials differ in whether the faster object in a pair was heavy (heavy = fast), small (small = fast), small and heavy (small/heavy = fast), or big and heavy (big/heavy = fast). A mixed-design condition-by-trial analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed a main effect of trial type. Specifically, we found worse performance on small = fast trials (M = .76) and big/heavy = fast trials (M = .94) than on the other two trial types (Ms > .98), F(3,153) = 18.88, p < .001, η 2 = 0.27, 1-β = .99.

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