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Table 3 Camera specifications for image capture

From: The effect of multispectral image fusion enhancement on human efficiency

Camera type Spectral band Array size Collection
  (μ m) (HxV) conditions
Visible (low resolution) 0.4−0.75 640 x 480 Sunlamp @80W
Visible (high resolution) 0.4−0.75 768 x 494 Sunlamp @80W
Night vision (NIR) 0.665−0.9 768 x 493 Sunlamp @10W
SWIR 0.9−2.5 320 x 240 Sunlamp @40W
Hot-white 7−15 640 x 480 No lights;
thermala (LWIR)    heatplate @ Δ10°C
  1. aDigitally inverted to create hot-black thermal imagery
  2. NIR, SWIR, LWIR stand for near, short-wave, and long-wave infrared, respectively; sunlamp settings in wattage