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Table 2 Analyses utilized in research examining human performance with image fusion

From: The effect of multispectral image fusion enhancement on human efficiency

Analyses References
Reaction time/ Essock et al. (1999); Essock et al. (2004);
accuracy Krebs et al. (1998); Krebs and Sinai (2002);
  Neriani et al. (2008); Sinai et al. (1999);
  Steele and Perconti (1997); Toet et al. (1997);
  Waxman et al. (1996)
Signal detection Krebs and Sinai (2002); McCarley and Krebs (2000);
measures McCarley and Krebs (2006); Sinai, DeFord,
  Purkiss, and Essock (2000); Toet and Franken (2003)
Free recall measures Toet et al. (2014)
Eye tracking fixations Toet et al. (2014)
Feature tracing Toet et al. (2010)