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Table 2 Examples of High-Mechanistic and Low-Mechanistic answers on the Mechanistic Assessment

From: Applying math onto mechanisms: mechanistic knowledge is associated with the use of formal mathematical strategies

  Example 1 Example 2
High-Mechanistic “First, you create the path on the computer that the robot will go,
then, plugging in the USB, I downloaded the software to the box on the robot.
From there, once I press run, the wires connected to the box take that info from the box to the motor of the robot, which then moves the wheels.”
“Instructions given from the computer travel to the body which sends them to the motor.
The motor turns which then turns the wheels.”
Low-Mechanistic “When going forward and backward, the robot doesn’t move straight.
When going left and right, it spins in the desired direction.”
“The motor gets its instructors from the computer which tells what direction to go and for how long to go in that direction.”