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Fig. 6 | Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications

Fig. 6

From: Talking to your car can drive you to distraction

Fig. 6

Residual switch costs in transitioning from on-task to off-task performance. The red “O” indicates average OSPAN RT from the DRT task. The red “S” indicates the average single-task RT from the DRT task. Off-task performance is distributed into 3-s intervals (relative to when the on-task activity terminated). The filled circles reflect the average RT as a function of sorting bin and the blue line represents the best fitting power function describing the relationship between RT and bin, i.e., relating transition from on-task to single-task levels of performance. The dotted red line represents the critical t-value for significant differences from the single-task condition. Residual switch costs were significantly different from the single-task baseline up to 27 s after the on-task interval had terminated

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