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Table 3 A fragment of the scenario for All About Eve (1950)

From: Large-scale narrative events in popular cinema

Scenario description Scene break Major break Location change Time change Total segmentations
Margo [the theater star], upstairs, is dressed for Bill’s party [Bill is her partner and the play’s director]. Bertie [Margo’s housekeeper] helps her tidy her dress x   x x 3
Downstairs Bill, Eve [the rising star], and then Margo talk; Eve leaves, Bill & Margo quarrel x   x   2
Karen [Margo’s best friend], Lloyd [the playwright], & Max [the producer] arrive; odd discussions accrue; Margo says “it’s going to be a bumpy night”      0
Margo is sitting next to piano player. She’s drunk x    x 1
Max has heartburn; Max & Margo go to kitchen & talk. She offers relief to Max x   x   1
Lloyd enters kitchen; Max leaves; Lloyd & Margo talk      0
Karen & Eve are upstairs, they talk; Eve wants to be the understudy for Margo and asks her to put in a good word with Lloyd x   x   1
On the steps: Addison [the theater critic], Bill, Eve, and Karen discuss “the theater” x   x   0
Margo quarrels with all and goes upstairs; Bill follows later; the rest leave      2
The next day Margo arrives very late to the theater for the understudy audition of Lloyd’s play, in which Margo stars x x x x 1
Margo learns from Addison that Eve is her understudy      0
Margo enters theater, learns that auditions are over; quarrels with Lloyd, then with Max x   x   1
Afterwards, Bill and Margo quarrel. Bill says he’s leaving her      0
Later at their home Karen paints, Lloyd comes home furious with Margo; Karen schemes to help Eve x   x x 1
That weekend Karen and Margo are stuck in the car without gas (an event that Karen arranged), as Lloyd goes to get some; Margo misses her performance, Eve performs x   x x 4
Eve does well; Addison goes to meet her in dressing room; he overhears Bill congratulate her, and she then flirts with Bill; but Bill leaves unimpressed x x x x 6
Addison and Eve talk; Addison asks questions about her background; Eve is inconsistent and thinks the Shubert Theater is in San Francisco (not New Haven)      1
  1. Note: Words in brackets did not appear in the scenarios of viewers, but only in those of non-viewers