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Table 1 Objects used for the dependent measure

From: The mental representation of true and false intentions: a comparison of schema-consistent and schema-inconsistent tasks

Schema-consistent task condition (A) Schema-inconsistent task condition (B)
Sketchpad Band aid
Flourescent pen Almonds
Black notepad Light bulb
Plastic pocket Instant coffee
Stapler Crispbread
Paper clip Running shoes
Ball pen Blanket
Crayon Audiobook
Folder Plate
Filing box Orange
Thumbtack Hand sanitizer
Tape Cheetos
Yellow Post-it notes Tooth brush
Thin fluorescent pen Ping pong ball
Binder clip Soap
Notepad Deck of cards
Rubber Lego
Pencil Rubber duck
White A4 paper Tea light
Scissors Beanie
Pink fluorescent pen Balloon
Pencil case Scrabble
Large Post-it notes Coffee spoon
Tipp-Ex Fruit bowl
Clip Glass bottle
Duct tape Painting
Pin Digital camera