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Fig. 4

From: What do we know about volumetric medical image interpretation?: a review of the basic science and medical image perception literatures

Fig. 4

Two strategies emerge when searching through chest computed tomography (CT) scans for lung nodules: scanning and drilling. Scanners move their eyes along the two-dimensional plane while slowly scrolling through depth. In contrast, Drillers keep their eyes relatively stationary in one region at a time while rapidly scrolling through depth. At present, it is largely unknown how these strategies translate to other modalities or tasks. Figure reprinted with permission from Rubin et al. (2018). Perception of volumetric data. In Handbook of medical image perception & technology (Vol. 2). Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. Original figure was recreated from Drew, Võ, Olwal, et al. (2013). Scanners and drillers: characterizing expert visual search through volumetric images. Journal of Vision, 13(10), 3

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