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Table 2 Questionnaire used in Experiment 3

From: Timing disownership experiences in the rubber hand illusion

Preston (2013)
Ownership 1. It seemed as though I were feeling the touch in the location where I saw the fake hand being touched.
2. It seemed as though the fake hand belonged to me.
3. It seemed as though the fake hand was part of my body.
4. It seemed as though the touch I felt was caused by the touch on the fake hand.
Control 5. It appeared (visually) as if the fake hand were drifting towards my own (real) hand.
6. It seemed as if I might have more than one left hand or arm.
Disownership 7. I felt as if my real hand no longer belonged to me.
8. It felt as though my real hand was no longer part of my body.
9. It felt as though the fake hand replaced my own left hand.