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Thematic series on Attention in Natural and Mediated Realities

Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications (CR:PI) is pleased to invite you to submit to our new thematic series on attention in natural and mediated realities.

Guest Editors: Jeffrey M. Zacks, Khena M. Swallow and Daniel T. Levin

Modern humans live in natural environments and in worlds shaped and mediated by technology. Both of these worlds are complex, dynamic, and rich; producing streams of data that vastly outstrip the capacities of human cognitive systems. Yet, people usually understand and intelligently act in everyday situations. How do people use attention to manage environmental demands on human cognitive systems? The purpose of this collection of papers is to examine how attention operates in environments that approach the complexity of naturalistic situations. Papers may be empirical studies, theoretical or tutorial reviews, or new theoretical contributions. Studies using behavioral, neurophysiological, and/or eye-tracking methods would all be appropriate. Issues of particular interest include: the role of attention in media consumption and education; change blindness and inattentional blindness in naturalistic settings; motivation, reward, and attention; curiosity; predictive looking in event comprehension. (This list is not exclusive).

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Submission deadline: December 31st, 2017.

Please email one or more of the guest editors with any questions about submissions.

For manuscripts accepted for the special issue, the publication fee may be fully or partially waived depending on the number of manuscripts accepted for the special issue. The authors should indicate when they submit a manuscript if they are requesting a waiver of the publication fee.

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